Located in San Francisco Financial District

We serve and do a catering of fine Russian, Ukrainian and Kazahstan cuisine!


Our specialization are dumplings from particular countries.

Russian dumplings called Pelmeni and has an original shape. Can serve in soup.

Ukrainian dumplings called Vareniki and this is more about veggies.

Kazakhstan dumplings called Manty. Excellent lamb taste.

Each dumplings have a special sauces. Check our menu for more information. 

Also we do a catering in San Francisco an Bay Area. Minimum order $100. For more information please contact with us by phone or fill a form on the bottom of the site. 



(415) 610-9456



380 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94104 Access from Bush and Kearny downstairs to the
International Food Court



Mon - Fri 8am–5pm
Sat - Sun closed